* Today at Twisted *

MARCH MADNESS IS HERE!!!! Ladies, it is time to "Spring into Fitness" and we are here to help! What can you look forward to in March: *We are welcoming a new Hotgirl to our team! Her name is Hunni and she will be teaching some Zumba classes and her Haute Heels class. You can find a description of this class on the calendar, by simply clicking on the name of the class :) *We are hosting our Pole Performance night for our Pole girls. This is all about YOU Hotgirls!!! You've taken several classes, now pick a song, come up with a routine and show us what ya got! Here at Twisted, there is a class for everyone. From CARDIO to WEIGHTS to STRETCHING to POLES. So grab a friend or just come make new ones!!! It's all about confidence, it's all about fitness, but mostly.......it's all about fun!!!

Pole Performance

This is all about YOU!!!!  You have taken several classes with us now.  Show us what ya got!!!! Take your favorite moves, pick your song and come up with your own routine :)  Doesn’t have to be a full song, if you don’t want it to be.  Members that are performing are FREE! All other Hotgirls will be paying a $5 coverage.  BYOB(W)(A).  This is something you will have to sign up for! If you’re performing, please make sure you sign up with the length of your routine.  Observers, there is a sign up sheet for you as well!  We will be holding a raffle, so make sure you get yours and see who wins what!