* Today at Twisted *

MARCH MADNESS IS HERE!!!! Ladies it is time to "Spring into Fitness" and we are going to make it easy on you with our March Madness specials!!! Buy a 6 month membership and get THREE MONTHS FREE!!!!! That way you will not only fit into your bikini, but we'll have your fall wardrobe covered as well!! And for those of you afraid of commitment, then just give our ONE MONTH SPECIAL a try. All the classes you can handle OVER A HUNDRED TO CHOOSE FROM for $100.00 dollars!! That's right, 1 dollar per class! That is as low as we've ever offered! Here at Twisted there is a class for everyone.  From CARDIO to WEIGHTS to STRETCHING to POLES.  So grab a friend or just come make new one's!!! It's all about confidence, it's all about fitness, but mostly.......it's all about fun!!!    

Pole Twerk-Cream

People love this class almost as much as they love Cream ALMOST!!! She is genius when it comes to putting the pole and twerking together! This class teaches different types of twerking…isolations, booty pops, and wait for it….”making it clap” all while incorporating the pole. FOR THE LOVE…. Even white boys got to shout!!! *Please call studio to reserve your spot.