* Today at Twisted *

For the month of December, we have 2 special events happening :) Our Pole Potluck is set for 12-13 from 6pm - 8pm.  This time is set aside for us to have some fun girl time with food and drinks.  Play dress up as we will have the pole room set up for photos!!! No Routine Our Routine of the Month with Cream and Rio :) This event is set for 12-14 from 6pm - 8pm.  We're gonna dirty up Santa Baby and give you one sexy routine to take home for the best Christmas gift yet!!!!  Reservations required for both along with the dish you'll be bringing for the potluck if you're coming!!!!  

Stripper Boot Camp -Raven

This is an obstacle course set up stripper style!! It uses all the apparatus in the main studio:  poles, railings, stage, and the drop-bar plus a few added extras to insure one of the hardest but most fun work-outs EVER!! Think “cross-fit” with a splash of sexy!! Tennis shoes or heels are welcome. We can accommodate both.