* Today at Twisted *

MARCH MADNESS IS HERE!!!! Ladies, it is time to "Spring into Fitness" and we are here to help! What can you look forward to in March: *We are welcoming a new Hotgirl to our team! Her name is Hunni and she will be teaching some Zumba classes and her Haute Heels class. You can find a description of this class on the calendar, by simply clicking on the name of the class :) *We are hosting our Pole Performance night for our Pole girls. This is all about YOU Hotgirls!!! You've taken several classes, now pick a song, come up with a routine and show us what ya got! Here at Twisted, there is a class for everyone. From CARDIO to WEIGHTS to STRETCHING to POLES. So grab a friend or just come make new ones!!! It's all about confidence, it's all about fitness, but mostly.......it's all about fun!!!

Drop In Classes

Twisted Fitness Drop-In Classes now available. Also check out our Twisted Fitness Pole Classes


S&M (Stretch & Mingle)

Stripper Stretch without music, cuz sometimes we girls just wanna talk ..

Stripper Stretch

Limber up and increase your flexibility to get into the splits ..


pilates based, low impact, core strengthening, slow grooving floor class ..

Balls to the Wall

Sexy strength training using a balance ball with dance moves ..

**Stripper Boot Camp**

feel the burn on our twisted obstacle course, this class ranges in time from one to ..

With the Band

60 Minute class using resistance bands to build strength and endurance ..

Booty Blast

30 mins devoted to blasting your booty to where it needs to be ..

Twist & Shout

30 mins devoted to ABS that will have you twisting & shouting ..


30 mins devoted to losing those love handles ..


30 mins of intense, non-stop cardio ..

Hot Legs

We all want Nina's legs, this is how she got them ..

Twist of fate

Rio’s imagination rules here!  Things you’ve never done before, but will want to do ..

Take it to the Rear

Cardio geared towards shaping up your derrière ..

Kick It Up

Cardio Kickboxing with a little more “girl” in it ..

Pump & Grind

Combo class of Muscles Please and Sweat Appeal ..

Muscles Please

Tone up with weights (30 min and one hour versions offered ..

Sweat Appeal

Fast paced, high energy aerobic class ..


High-Intensity cardio workout with a latin flavor ..

Bikini or Bust/Resolution Solution/Blue Jeans or Bust

It’s a seasonal thing, you’ll get it….one hour cardio/weight class designed to ..


The element of surprise rules here. Just be ready to move ..


a sexy chair workout that ends in a choreographed routine ..


(boots): a country cardio workout that’s less twang and more bang ..


An hour of real “Go Go” aerobic moves ..