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Front Desk Staff

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    Front Desk Staff

    Scarlett, Honey, Niko, Cream


    How did you join the Studio Rio family?

    –         I came in to watch one of my girlfriends perform for a series graduation and knew I had to do this, so I asked my husband for a membership for Christmas.  I was working out almost every day for a little over a year when I decided to leave my job, which happened to be the same time Rio was looking for a new front desk girl.  She was already asking me to teach so it wasn’t difficult to weasel my way in to the family.  I’ve been a part of the Rio family ever since and couldn’t imagine my life without the Studio or my girls.

    One way you have changed since coming on board.

    I’ve never been a girl’s girl but I have met so many wonderful women here I can actually say they have changed my life. I know it sounds cheesy but it’s the absolute truth!  These girls have made me feel better about myself as a person as well as a friend.  I know that no matter what happens in my life, I can always count on one of my Hotgirls to listen and help me through anything.

    Tell us about yourself

    I’ve danced in some way most of my life.  Whether it was cheerleading, ballroom dancing, or your standard adolescent ballet/tap classes, I’ve always been moving to a rhythm.  I’m happily married to a tattoo nutcase like myself with 4 wonderfully furry four-legged children.   I make really bad jokes all the time and laugh at almost everything.    And for those new girls that don’t know me yet, DON”T TAKE ANYTHING I SAY SERIOUSLY!!!!  I’ve always said sarcasm is an art and I am an artist!

    Give one reason someone should take classes here

    Every woman wants the opportunity to feel good about herself.  We all want to be confident, sexy, empowered and most importantly comfortable in our own skin.  This place gives you the chance to do that.  Working out in a non –competitive, girl power environment lets us see we have the same issues and reminds us we don’t need to judge anyone else to feel better about who we are.  Aside from working on our own “problem areas,” our girls help others see how beautiful they are inside and out. It’s great sweating out those calories and building Hotgirl muscle, but nothing compares to the feeling of comradery when you’re here.