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Happy 2019 Hotgirls!!!  We've added some new classes for you!! On Pointe with Nyx is a ballet class bringing it back to the basics!  Rio will be coming out with her BLow the Barre Class in February and make sure to join us for our Valentine's Day Routine of the Month :)  In March we will be hosting our Hotgirl Pole Performance night that will allow all of our current members to be able to showcase their skills.  You choose the song, you make your routine and show us what you got!!!!


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    WOW! I can’t believe I actually get to finally put this on a resume! LOL   I can’t remember when I wasn’t dancing.  My mom said I started dancing in-utero!!!!  Well, I can’t remember that far back, but I do remember choreographing my first song for my dad before he went out on a cruise.  It was “Leaving on a Jet Plane”, I was 5 and I made my parents watch me over and over again!  Believe it or not they still love me)!!! I was convinced this is what I want to do FOREVER! Well my little girl ballerina dreams got put on hold for a while until those teenage years when most girls discover that 4 letter word BOYS!!!  I was not “most teenage girls.” I was afraid of the “B” word.  So instead, I discovered Michael Jackson and my love for dancing again. Then forced all of my friends back into the same uncomfortable position my parents were in. THEY HAD TO WATCH MY CHOREOGRAPHY for countless hours everyday. Then one by one they all joined in and I found out how much I loved teaching. Well, that turned into making up cheers for my cheerleading team and as I got older into a dance troop that performed in local night clubs (think pussycat dolls on a much smaller scale)!  I also realized at that time how much I loved being on stage and “RIO” was born. I spent multiple years dancing in local go-go bars making my Paula Abdul moves a little sexier and a lot more aerobic.  Who knew how handy this would become later in life??!!!! Dancing, in my opinion, is the best way to work-out. Dancers ALWAYS have good bodies yet you never see them in a regular gym. I spent countless months developing these dance classes using as many moves as I could remember from my days on stage. I threw it out there to see if anyone would even want to work out this way and FOR THE LOVE……well let’s just say, some chances are so worth taking!!!!!!


    I have a lot more debt!!

    O.K, on a serious note, when I started Studio Rio I just wanted to teach women how to feel good about themselves, in hopes they will make other women feel the same! I had no idea how much I would learn from them. I am truly a better person now and I am thankful for every lesson!!!


    When you take the beginners series you learn more about me than you ever wanted to know, but in a nutshell: I believe in being honest, I believe in always giving more than I take, loving more than I am loved, and on those day’s when I don’t get any of that right, I believe in the comfort of a strong martini and a good friend to remind me that no-one’s perfect!


    Nina, Honey, Lushass, Venus, Niko, Exotica, Absynthe, Rebel, Karma , Cream, Scarlette……okay, that’s way more than one but I am so grateful for them all!!!