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For the FIRST time ever we are combining our Pole Performance and Routine of the Month!!  Pole Performance is when our pole girls get to show off all their hard work. They come up with a routine to their song of choice and show us what they've learned throughout classes.  Rio will be teaching her Fever routine! Take this home and perform it for anyone lucky enough to watch!!  This event will be held on Friday, August 30th from 6-9pm.  Don't want to perform? Come show these Hotgirls your love and support! Pole Performers and Members who want to observe are FREE!! All other Hotgirls there will be a $5 fee.  Routine of the Month is not a class that can be observed.  This class is FREE to our 6 month and 1 year members and a $45 fee to all other Hotgirls.  We are offering a special that's way TOO GOOD to pass up!  New ladies, sign a 1 month contract for $109 (unlimited classes) and get the Routine of the Month for FREE!! This is a benefit only our 6 month and 1 year members get, so make sure you take FULL advantage of it. Give us a call at 757-650-7474 for more information!

Series Classes

You must RSVP for all Series classes.

Beginners Series

$175 for Non-Members, $100 for 1 Year and 6 Month Members

We want to welcome students to Studio Rio! This 4 week Series gives you a taste of what we do at Studio Rio. You’ll learn standing moves, floor moves, chair technique and pole instruction. Everything is choreographed bare foot, but if you’d like to bring heels, please do!  You will learn a great routine at the end of this wonderful Series!!!!

Attire – yoga pants, tank tops, barefoot just look HOT!

I Feel Pretty Series

$175 for Non-Members, $100 for 1 Year and 6 Month Members

Ready for more? Following Intro Series, try the I Feel Pretty Series! In five weeks we get to know you a little more, and what is more important is that you are getting to know yourself even better! With Rio and Nina helping you every step of the way, you will learn how to use the stage, which includes more in-depth poles AND railing!!! We want you in heels for this one and we will teach you how! You will also learn an entire choreographed routine–ON STAGE–this one is all for you!!!

I Feel Rocking Series

$175 for Non-Members, $100 for 1 Year and 6 Month Members

You’ve got the moves, you’ve conquered the stage…NOW you’ll have the opportunity to tweak all your moves and make them flow with more tricks.  We’ll smooth out your transitions and perfect your skills! You will also learn a new routine!

AX Series:  The Advanced Encore Series

$195 for Non-Members, $115 for 1 Year and 6 Month Members

It is time to work on your choreography and skills. This class will teach it to you with a great new routine.

AXX Series:  The Advanced Skills Series

$195 for Non-Members, $115 for 1 Year and 6 Month Members

Want to learn how to do the Fallen Angel or a handstand to the pole? Get ready for the Skills Series that will teach you how to put everything that you have learned so far, along with a few new extras, into a packed routine–runway and all!