Coronavirus Update

We are excited to announce that Studio Rio’s Twisted Fitness is now open for Pole and Fitness Classes!

To ensure the safety of our students and instructors, we will be practicing the following new safety measures outlined below until further notice. We know it’s a lot, but this is a brand new world that we all have to live in and we are figuring this out together. We truly appreciate your patience, understanding, and compliance as we navigate the coming days!

1. RESERVATIONS. All on-site classes – both Pole and Fitness – must be reserved. You may call the Studio at (757) 650-7474 to reserve your spot. If you cannot make your class, please notify the Studio at least 3 hours prior to class. All no-call-no-shows will be charged for missed Pole and/or Fitness Classes. (Exception: Any online Zoom Classes do not require a reservation. Any girl can join, and links will be posted 15 minutes prior to class on Facebook.) If you are paying for classes, all payments must be made at the time of reservation via credit card. A receipt will be ready for you to sign when you check-in for class. **If you are not feeling well, please make sure to cancel your classes!**

2. CLASS SIZES & LOCATIONS. Fitness Classes will be limited to 10 students at a time and will take place inside the Fitness Room. Pole Classes allows for 14 students at a time and will take place in the Pole Room.

3. CLASS TIMES & BIZ HOURS. Please check the schedule for class times. There will be a 15 minute break between classes to allow for the check-in process. We will not be resuming normal business hours during this time, and will be open for classes only. The Cardio Room and Private Pole Room will be open ONLY during class times. Once classes have ended there will be no social time allowed. If you are not staying for the 2nd class offered that day, you must leave the building to maintain our new protocol.

4. CHECK-IN & WAIVER. Check-ins will begin 15 minutes prior to the start of on-site classes. Check-ins for Pole and Fitness Classes will be at the Front Desk. In order to avoid crowding, only 2 girls will be allowed to check-in at a time at the Front Desk and we kindly ask that all others wait outside until their turn. At check-in you are required to use the hand sanitizing station and sign in to class. There will be a “Fresh” pen bucket and a “Dirty” pen bucket to keep those tiny ugly germs away. A One-Time Waiver will need to be signed the first time you check-in to a class after our re-opening.

5. SOCIAL DISTANCING, MASKS, & SANITIZING. Please respect social distancing boundaries as much as possible around our students and instructors. Masks must be worn at all times inside the Studio common areas (Front Desk, hallways, restrooms, locker room). Masks are not required to be worn while exercising in classes unless requested by Instructor. The use of the restroom and locker room will be limited to 2 people at a time. Please try to arrive dressed for class as this will allow for less traffic in our hallways and locker room. Hand sanitizing stations have also been installed near the Front Desk and Fitness Room. Please sanitize your hands frequently, especially before and after touching non-personal items.

6. EQUIPMENT, ALCOHOL SPRAY, ETC. Please bring your own equipment for each class. This includes yoga mats, free-weights, resistance bands, booty-bands, stability balls, spray bottles of rubbing alcohol and rags to wipe down poles. The Studio will NOT be supplying any of this equipment at this time.

7. CLASS SCHEDULES. Class Schedules may change as we navigate the Covid-19 spikes in our area. Please check our Facebook page daily for any changes or announcements. Reservations for on-site classes can be made the week prior to that class. (On-site Pole and Fitness Classes MUST be reserved. Zoom Classes do not require reservations.)

8. MEMBERSHIPS, GROUPONS, & PUNCH CARDS. As stated earlier, all current active Memberships, Groupons, Punch Cards, and Gift Certificates will be extended past their expiration dates for the same amount of time the Studio has been closed. (The Studio was closed from March 16 – May 30, 2020, approximately 2 ½ months).

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. These safety measures and guidelines are subject to change, and we will keep you posted of any updates. May you all stay safe and healthy!!!

♥♥ Rio & the Studio Staff ♥♥


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