“Oh, I wanna dance with somebody…”
~ Whitney Houston ~

With over 45 different types of Pole and Fitness Classes offered, plus Specialty Classes and Private Parties, we have something for almost every girl out there. We understand times can be tough, so we offer several different options to fit any budget. But remember… your best investment is YOU!

Membership Plans

“All she wants to do is dance!”
~ Don Henley ~

Are you addicted to Twisted? With over 80 Fitness and Pole Classes on the schedule each month, a Membership Plan definitely pays off!

And don’t fret if you are Military and going on deployment — let us know and we can arrange to freeze your Membership for the duration of your deployment. Membership benefits will begin again upon your return. This simply extends your contract so you will get the full benefits of your Membership.

PLEASE  NOTE: Default on payment may cause Membership benefits to be denied. A $25 fee will be charged for any rejected card or late monthly payment.

One Year
(Pole & Fitness)

One Month
(Pole & Fitness)

Six Months
(Pole & Fitness)

One Year
(Fitness Only)

Punch Card

“Hit me, baby, one more time!”
~ Britney Spears ~

If you’re not quite ready to go steady, but you definitely don’t want to take a break, then a Punch Card may be for you!

Pay Per Class

“One thing leads to another!”
~ The Fixx ~

Afraid of commitment? No worries! You can pay per individual class. But we warn you, our classes are like potato chips — betcha can’t take just one! (So make sure to check out our Membership and Punch Card options to get the most bang for your buck!)

Specialty Classes

“And the beat goes on…”
~ Sonny and Cher ~

Pole Classes, Fitness Classes, and Parties, oh my! And we’re still not done…

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