Thanks from Rio

Hey, my beautiful Hotgirls! Welcome to the new and improved website! And will you just take a look at My Beautiful Box! (You know I wasn’t going to miss out on saying that!) 😊

For real, though… is this website great, or what? It might have taken a “skinny minute,” but I think it was worth the “weight!” (See what I did there? Get used to really bad humor.)

Seriously, this is “My Box” – appropriately called Right from Rio – as it’s a little place for me to be able to talk to you and show you all the Love you deserve!

“My Box” will be full of surprises like special classes, give-aways, and something I will be calling “Wild Wednesdays!” So I’m going to need you to look at “My Box” a lot! 😉 It’s going to be fun to see what kind of cool things I can put in “My Box”… (okay, I promise this is the last time) …but for now, I’m going to use “My Box” for a lot of Thank Yous, so here I go…

First, I need to thank our very own Hotgirl, Panther, and her Hotboy, Nickyou guys are super talented! I know when we first talked about you designing the site that I was in good hands. I did not, however, know just how great those hands would actually be! Panther, your vision and love are all over this site… and Nick, you couldn’t have made us look prettier if you tried! Thank you for all your extra love and care. It truly reflects in this site and it will forever be felt in my heart! ♥😊♥

Little Miss Naughty (LMN), your help keeping everything running smoothly while herding us kittens was nothing short of amazing, and only you could have handled that! ♥😊♥

To All the Hotgirls that spent countless hours over two days holding hard positions and working out again and again… I hope you are as happy as I am when you see your beautiful faces (and other parts) all over this site. Thank you for making our hard stuff look easy! You seriously rock! ♥😊♥

To My Amazing Instructors… wow! Just, wow! I want to be you when I grow up! I already knew how talented and stunning you were, but even I am blown away when I watch you! Thank you for bringing so much love to so many women, and for making me look smart for asking you to do it. ♥😊♥

And last but not least, I would like to thank whoever passed out the Red Lipstick during the shoot. Maybe we should patent it and call it “Hotgirl Red?” Nice touch!

So onward and upward with the new site! I see a very busy summer in our future, and I’m beyond proud that we will be meeting new girls and changing lives, hand-in-hand, side-by-side, one dance at a time!

All My Love,
♥♥ Rio ♥♥
(February 2020)

Spinning Poles Are Here!

We heard you loud and clear and yes, HotGirls, THE SPINNING POLES ARE HERE!!! You have been asking for them for a long time now so we hope you are as excited to dance on them as we are to watch you! No worries if you have never been on a spin pole… we now have a “Begin-2-Spin” class designed to help you with your journey. You should be a solid “Poles 1” before you attempt this class as you will need your static foundation down in order to do most spins. If you are questioning your level, just ask one of your Instructors to let you know. After you have conquered “Begin-2-Spin,” your next level will be Twisted Poles.” This more advanced class will really put our new poles to work while you continue to grow your skills — be on the lookout for it later this year. We will also be adding a couple of new classes in our beautiful Fitness Room soon that I know you will love! Thank you for your patience during all the construction/remodeling we have been doing that has made our beautiful “Happy Place” even more beautiful. We still have some special surprises headed your way, so we are not done yet! Thank you for your enthusiasm as I have really enjoyed it — I appreciate all of you!!! And most of all, THANK YOU for making this Studio a place where we all want to be!  ♥😊♥

All My Love,
♥♥ Rio ♥♥
(March 2022)

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to the Studio! Doesn’t it feel good to dance “together” in-person again? All I know is that seeing your beautiful, sweaty faces grinning (and grimacing) in front of me makes me happier than I ever thought possible! We would not have a Studio to come back to if it weren’t for you and your support, patience, encouragement, and – frankly – your “showing up” on Zoom and in our limited classes during quarantine times. It’s been a weird road back but thank you for sticking it out through our transition from on-line to in-person classes – we (and every gym) are navigating this for the first time, and we truly appreciate everyone’s cooperation with mask and social distancing mandates.

As always, we follow the CDC Guidelines so we are now allowed to be full-force back in the Studio (yaaaaay!!!), and masks are no longer required inside the building or during classes if you have been fully vaccinated. (You are welcome to utilize masks as you feel comfortable.) Health and safety are always most important to us so we do ask that you keep washing your hands and please call us ASAP to cancel any reservations if you are not feeling well. But be warned – I have had ALL my shots, so I may just hug you when you least expect it! ♥😊♥ Thank you for helping us all stay healthy!

All My Love,
♥♥ Rio ♥♥
(July 2021)

Happy New Year!

As we dance into a New Year, I just want to express my sincerest gratitude to everyone who has supported our Studio through the collective adversity and uncertainty that was 2020. I know that many of you suffered losses and difficulties, but as always, I am just amazed at the expressions of undying support and encouragement I see from and for our Hotgirls. Your love for each other and the resilience you show make me proud and privileged to know you.

We are committed to doing the best we can to keep you all safe and healthy through this pandemic, and are working hard to keep the doors to our Happy Place open. Thank you for your continued patience and presence as we work through Zoom and adjust our processes. I know this challenge is far from over, but I look forward to the day that we will all be together again, hugging and dancing without fear. I have faith that day will come soon.

All My Love,
♥♥ Rio ♥♥
(January 2021)

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